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Brad Micklin is a Family Law Attorney Who Cares

January 18, 2018
Family law attorney Brad Micklin always has and always will work hard get to know and understand each individual client’s goals and their budgets and he will strive to meet both. While clients are usually impressed by how much he knows about family law in New Jersey, they also seem impressed by the amount of time he spends trying to learn about his clients and how patient he is with teaching them everything they need to know.

Brad Micklin has become well-known and highly regarded for his patience with clients, as well as for his willingness to share everything he knows. He quite often has dinner with them, and he continually provides them with relevant articles and other resources, so they can better understand what may be happening to them. This is because Brad Micklin understands the critical importance of possessing an ability to empathize with what the client is going through, along with his belief that knowledge is power. His family law clients do very well because they are more likely than many to comprehend what they are going through.